Our company’s auditors, accounting experts and consultants provide professional and independent accountancy supervision timely identifying and preventing any potential problems in management decision-making.

Further useful information:

  • We ensure regular and systematic accounting inspections and internal audit.
  • We organise financial report audits and tax audits to identify any potential problems in a timely manner.
  • We ensure compliance of accountancy with the laws and regulations.
  • We prevent the risk of additional taxation before SRS’s and other controlling public institutions’ inspections.
  • After inspections we provide a written opinion on the results obtained and potential solutions.
  • We offer to establish a permanent internal control system using targeted low-cost activities, which will help to reduce deviations to an acceptable level and achieve your aims with minimum resources in the long-term. For example, using detailed inspection methods during the audit, we identify main risk factors and missing control mechanisms in your company’s accountancy and finance management department, as well as evaluate the control system itself:
    • The evaluation “1” means the system is adequate and effective;
    • The evaluation “2” means the system is moderately adequate, with slight control defects;
    • The evaluation “3” means the system is inadequate and does not function.

Important nuances for your peace of mind:

  • We work in accordance with laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia and guidelines and professional standards established by the Latvian Association of Certified Auditors.
  • We take into account the specific nature of each customer’s economic activity executing each contract in a professional manner and achieving maximum efficiency.
  • We guarantee information confidentiality – our specialists are independent protectors of legal and natural persons’ rights and lawful interests in the field of entrepreneurship.

If you are interested in our offer, please, fill in and send us the attached inquiry form. We will estimate the possible amount of work for your company’s audit and inform you about the costs.