We develop accountancy strategies for small, medium and large companies and perform daily accountancy transactions for our customers.

Further useful information:

  • Accounting is organised using specialised programmes “Hanza Financial”, “Tildes Jumis” or “Zalktis”.
  • Accountancy registers are updated using primary documents corresponding to the previous month’s expenses, revenues and transactions and other documents related to the customer's business.
  • We calculate taxes, draw up accounting financial and statistical reports and submit them to the respective public institutions.
  • Upon the customer’s request, we prepare financial reports (for example, balance, calculation of profit or loss, etc.) for a specified period (month, quarter or 6 months).
  • Upon the customer’s request, we summarise all financial information and prepare and develop projects for the purposes of receiving bank loans and concluding other financial transactions.
  • Accounting is executed by two employees from our company’s accounting department – chief accountant and accountant’s assistant.
  • The final result is submitted electronically, which helps to save our customers’ time.

Important nuances that will improve your economic situation:

  • Accounting will be performed professionally, but the employed financial and economic activity data will be accurate, true and prompt – fast to find and convenient to review and analyse.
  • Accounting service costs will not exceed a professional accountant's average salary – you will not overpay and may even save.
  • You will not have to regularly invest in the hired accountant's training seminars and purchasing and updating basic tax legislation publications – invest this money in other employees or company’s development.
  • You will not have to support and maintain an accountant’s workplace and buy specialised, licensed software because we already have it!

If you are interested in our offer, please, fill in and send us the attached inquiry form. We will estimate the possible amount of work to meet your company's needs and inform you about the costs.