Legal audit

The range of legal services includes legal audit – a comprehensive inspection, during which legitimacy of actions and compliance with legal norms in the respective company or organisation are analysed and evaluated.

More detailed information to be inspected during legal audit:

  • Company's foundation documents, documents drawn up in administrative institutions and local laws and regulations – internal, corporate documents;
  • “Due diligence” or accuracy of previously concluded transactions;
  • Identification of the legal status of the property in the company’s balance sheet (including securities, land, immovable or other property);
  • Purchase and sale, barter, lease and other draft contracts in accordance with legal requirements;
  • Correctness of procedures in real estate rights, as well as previously registered and submitted rights to real property and related transactions;
  • Documents that regulate activity of the company’s institutions and its subunits;
  • Proper handling of the shareholders' register;
  • Transactions with compulsory public registration;
  • Decisive legal documents;
  • Contracts with suppliers and customers;
  • Labour contracts and agreements, document circulation;
  • Licenses and certificates;
  • Notices and reports to various public institutions;
  • Management decision-making system.